New location & Opening Date!

Newest Update

We re-open our store OFFICIALLY this Friday, October 7th, 2022. Almost exactly 22 years after we first opened in Stoney Creek. Our new location is just a few blocks from our old Ottawa St North one at 222 Kenilworth Ave North. (Next to Bob’s Scuba Shop! We’ve got a massive sign outside, so you shouldn’t miss us!
There’s street parking available, side street parking available, and a parking lot directly behind us as well. (So much parking!)

This location is just over twice the size of our old one, and with the extra large back room, it’ll allow us to process collections faster than we normally have in the past.
The website will be back online in a few weeks (maybe sooner). So if you’re looking for something from there, you’ll have to come in for now.

I know it’s been a long time, and it’s taken us longer than we had planned to reopen. (By about three weeks). But hey, after MANY repairs, painting, building shelving, and some injuries tossed in for good measure, (and forced days off because of them), it just makes this all the more satisfying to be finally done, and ready to be open for you all.

We have some new hours as well, so be sure to check those on either Facebook, Google, or our actual web site at

That’s it gang, the update you’ve been waiting for!
See you this weekend!