We’re Moving! (Finally!)

Newest Update

It’s no secret that we’ve been unhappy at our current location for many years. So when our lease was coming up for renewal, we decided it was the perfect chance to get out of our current building, and into something better. We’ll be announcing the location soon, but in the meantime our last day being open will be July 30th at our current Ottawa Street location. We’ll be re-opening sometime in September, so be watching for that update – which should include a video layout of the new store, it’s new hours, directions, and it’s address. It’s literally a two minute drive from our current location.

We’re moving into a place that’s over twice the size of our current place, and only $300 more a month. Parking on the street out front, and a municipal parking lot out back! Also, our new landlord thus far has been absolutely excellent to deal with, and best of all – NO TENANTS ABOVE US!

With the move, we’ll also have to shut the website down for awhile. We have a lot of toys, and they’re going to take awhile to pack up, move to the new location, and get them back out on display and organized. So, by midnight on July 24th, the online store will be taken offline until we’ve moved everything over to the new store.

We’re still buying toys and collections, even with the move. So please drop us a line if you have anything you’re looking to sell. Thanks!