Wear your mask. Period.

Newest Update

I need to rant about some customers and the fact that they think they call the shots in our business.

Masks are nothing new in the province of Ontario. We’ve all been wearing them over a year – well, those that actually respect our fellow man, and want to actually end this. So when you come into our store, not wearing a mask, and argue it with me, I personally think you’re an asshole. You know the phrase “No shoes, No shirt, No Service”, or the “No Smoking” signs, “No Parking Here”, etc etc – they’re there for a reason, because the business has requested it for one reason or another.

When you attempt to enter our store without a mask on, you put me at risk, and you’re not worth all the money in the world to put me at risk, so wear your damn mask, and stop crying about it. No one cares that you feel persecuted because you have to wear a mask for a little while. I was threatened with negative feedback today because of this. I’ll happily take a negative if it means the rest of our customers and us are safer in our store. Just grow up, stop complaining, wear your mask, get the shot, be kind to people, and let’s get this shit over with.