Major Site Update!

Newest Update

We recently bought a very, very, VERY large collection of Star Wars items covering practically every toy line, and have been trying to get through it this past week. Because the site is live, and because we have to set up new sections, move product around it, etc, we’ve run into a few issues. So, we’re unfortunately going to have to shut the site down for the rest of the week. It’s our hope to have it back up and running again by Monday. We will definitely be making a post when it’s all up and ready. This includes, vintage, POTF2, 12″ figures, vehicles, Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Pop Vinyls, and more. It’s not just Star Wars either, there’s some other stuff in it, that we haven’t even gotten to yet.

All outstanding “Pick Up” orders, will be available this Saturday for pick up, and all current orders that need to be shipped out, have been shipped out today.
Thanks gang!