Site / Store Update

Newest Update

Firstly, thank you! We’ve won a Diamond rating Readers’ Choice Award for our store. Generally these are reserved for places like Toys R Us, or other chain stores… but this year, it’s all ours!

Onto the update! There’s a few changes to the website. For starters, we’re no longer taking appointments. We may again at another time, but for now we’re just limiting store access to 4 people as per government restrictions. (1 person for every 42 sqft of empty floor space). We’ve also started shipping with Canada Post across Canada. However, if the cheaper “Priority Shipping” option is available upon checkout, please use that. It’s cheaper for you anyway.

Within the store, our unique hours are still the same for the time being. We purchase collections both when we’re open, and closed – so if a specific day works better for you, drop us a line. Speaking of which, we’re still not handling cash in the store – especially with another local collectors shop having a covid scare in the last few weeks. So any collections we purchase are being paid out via etransfer direct to your bank account.

On a personal note, I quit the Ottawa Street BIA, and the Events committee a few months ago. I’m happier, and frustrated both at the same time. There’s some idiotic decisions being made within there right now, and there’s no need for things to be so stupid. But hey! Not my problem anymore! I was such a strong proponent and believer in the OSBIA. Amazing how it all changed simply because of a few people. Wow.

We’re also still looking for a new storefront to move into. My rule #1 of not leaving Ottawa Street is out the window – so if you see any places that are at least 2500 sqft, anywhere in Hamilton, please let me know! Another BIA area would actually be ideal.