Earn Points = Money on our site!

Newest Update

Starting RIGHT NOW, whenever you make an order on our website, you’ll automatically receive “BHT Points”. Once those accumulate to an amount of $10.00 (or more), you’ll be able to redeem them on the site!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for years when our website was originally up. I’m SUPER stoked that the system we’re using is now allowing this feature.

When you click on an item, it’ll now show you how many points, and how much those points are worth on a future visit.

So here’s the catch… The points are not available to be redeemed on Gift Cards, or Supplies. You can earn the points by purchasing those items, you just can’t redeem them on those two sections.

Unfortunately this isn’t retro-active, so it starts today, on every purchase made going forward.

Don’t forget! We now deliver to various locations around Ontario! (More to come!).
Any questions, please message us!