Re-opening News!

Newest Update

The Ontario Government announced today that retail businesses with street-front entrances (like ours) can reopen on Tuesday May 19th WITH safety measures in place. One of these measures is 1 customer per every 43 sq feet. Our store is 2000 Sq feet in size, so we’d be allowed 4 customers and a child.

We won’t be open on Tuesday however. With a holiday weekend upon us, there isn’t enough time to get the items required to enforce safety measures in the store. We’ll announce ASAP what day we will be reopen. I’m personally aiming for May 26th. When we do reopen, we’re most likely going to limit it to two or three people at a time, and try it out that way first.

So, what about the website?

Well, as of this Saturday morning, it’s going to be shut down until we decide what to do with it. that means no more delivery orders. We don’t ship items anywhere anyway, so we don’t need a website with product on it when we have so much more to offer in our actual store.

So you have until Saturday to place any last orders on it that you may be eyeballing.

That’s all I have for now. Any questions, please ask.