Person CLAIMING to be us.

Newest Update

Yesterday, we received a phone call from someone in the U.S. asking to speak to “Jacob”. Upon some discussion, we came to realize that someone named “Jacob” was claiming to be a part owner in Bounty Hunter Toys. His purpose in doing this was to use our established name, and social media as his own personal “references” to rip people off.

It would work like this: He would contact someone to purchase items, and agreed trade would be made, and because “Jacob” has all these “references” (for BHT), the other person would send first.

Jacob would get his items, and block the other person. I’ve secured the mailing address “Jacob” used, and what he looks like. I’ve spoken with police already, and have to go into the station tonight to fill out an official Fraud report.

Strangely enough, we recently had a woman in the store say that her friend or neighbour works here. We informed her it must be another store…. now it makes me wonder.

We do NOT trade or sell online anymore, and haven’t in a couple of years. I purchase items and collections online, at times, but never expect people to ship to me first because I’m “Bounty Hunter”.

If you find anyone slagging us, posting negative feedback in groups, or claiming we ripped them off, PLEASE message us and let us know immediately.

I know I joke around a lot, and I’m pretty laid back, but I take my business VERY seriously. I don’t take kindly to folks using our name to screw over people.

Please share, post in groups, and get this out there.

I’ve never hid what we do, our history, or who we are. Our social media is easily found, and I’m pretty easy to get a hold of. We’re only on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you’re ever dealing with me online, and you’re not sure if I’m legit, you can always message us here, or do as the guy did today, and simply call the store.

Included is a couple of pics of part of the conversation the guy today sent me. This is just a SMALL portion of it where it states he’s my business partner. If you have any more info that can help nail this guy, please message me. 
Thanks folks!
Mike Heddle