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Email Issues

Newest Update

It would seem if you send us an email via our Contact Form, on a mobile device, we don’t receive it. However, if you send us an email on your PC, we DO receive it. I have the creators of the theme we purchased looking into it. I unfortunately have no clue on a time frame when it will be completed. So, in the meantime, should you need to email us, please do so via any of our social media accounts (links to the right), or, send an email to store@bounty****** (fill in the blanks, we’re trying to avoid spammers). 😉 

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Person CLAIMING to be us.

Newest Update

Yesterday, we received a phone call from someone in the U.S. asking to speak to “Jacob”. Upon some discussion, we came to realize that someone named “Jacob” was claiming to be a part owner in Bounty Hunter Toys. His purpose in doing this was to use our established name, and social media as his own personal “references” to rip people off.

It would work like this: He would contact someone to purchase items, and agreed trade would be made, and because “Jacob” has all these “references” (for BHT), the other person would send first.

Jacob would get his items, and block the other person. I’ve secured the mailing address “Jacob” used, and what he looks like. I’ve spoken with police already, and have to go into the station tonight to fill out an official Fraud report.

Strangely enough, we recently had a woman in the store say that her friend or neighbour works here. We informed her it must be another store…. now it makes me wonder.

We do NOT trade or sell online an...

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Welcome, again!

Newest Update

Welcome to the new!

I’m sure you’ll notice the shopping cart is now gone. As is all the product listings. Lets’ be honest… The site wasn’t really being updated the way it once was, and while you didn’t know this, product was selling out nearly as fast as we put it on the site. So, I figured, after 15+ years of having a dedicated shopping cart service online, it was time for a change.

Bounty Hunter Toys specializes in carrying hard to find, unique, out of production, and not released in Canada items. That’s not to say we don’t carry some new stuff, of course we do! We continuously carry new WWE figures, and Lego product. At times, we even bring in some Star Wars, or Superhero items, as well as POP Vinyl items.

Our focus at our store is to try and bring in items that you haven’t seen in years… possibly since you were a small child! Currently in my 25th year of selling toys and collectibles (5 years at our current location), I think I may of finally go...

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