Welcome, again!

Newest Update

Welcome to the new BountyHunterToys.com!

I’m sure you’ll notice the shopping cart is now gone. As is all the product listings. Lets’ be honest… The site wasn’t really being updated the way it once was, and while you didn’t know this, product was selling out nearly as fast as we put it on the site. So, I figured, after 15+ years of having a dedicated shopping cart service online, it was time for a change.

Bounty Hunter Toys specializes in carrying hard to find, unique, out of production, and not released in Canada items. That’s not to say we don’t carry some new stuff, of course we do! We continuously carry new WWE figures, and Lego product. At times, we even bring in some Star Wars, or Superhero items, as well as POP Vinyl items.

Our focus at our store is to try and bring i...

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